WebBuy has transformed the car-buying experience, providing an Amazon-like transaction expected by millennials and other demographic groups. WebBuy is the first all-inclusive digital retailing application that offers a true end-to-end solution that unites retailer, buyer, lenders, F&I providers, accessory companies, and a fully customizable trade-in tool into a seamless, world class consumer experience. Best of all, it was designed and built by a fellow Subaru Retailer!

Retailer website “real estate” is valuable, and a cluttered offering only serves to confuse and distract buyers. WebBuy recognizes that value by providing a simple, streamlined buying journey that starts by meeting the customer where they are. When they are on your website, customers have different key questions or “jobs-to-be-done”. Each of WebBuy’s CTA buttons (“Buy Now”, “Get Trade-In Offer”, “Get Financed On-Line”, “Get Your Price Now”) can lead the customer down the path to purchasing a vehicle online 24/7 in 20 minutes. Save money by eliminating multiple vendors and confusing buttons, improve CSI and grow profitability. We eliminate receivables by providing retailers with instant and accurate taxes, fees, rebates, incentives and real-time payoffs. Our team consists of national partners who are the best at their business to bring you this technology.

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Loans Approved Online in Real Time 24/7

WebBuy gives customers exactly what they are asking for with a better experience than they can imagine. The average process from start to finish takes less than 30 minutes compared to, on average, six hours in the store.

WebBuy’s innovative BidBoard allows national lending companies to compete for customers’ business and provide car buyers with multiple loan offers within minutes. Buyers have their credit processed and routed to national lenders as determined by the retailer – with you, the retailer, retaining, controlling and growing your backend profitability.

Digital Retailing Transforms Buying Process

More and more car buyers, led by the powerful millennial demographic, are researching and buying online. They demand the user-directed and hassle-free experience they receive from Amazon and eBay.

Recent sales results from companies like Carvana, Vroom and CarMax show retailer must provide an engagement path for this exploding demographic of buyers or risk losing significant market share.

A famous 2016 survey of 4,000 people by AutoTrader showed that only 17 people said they like the current car-buying process. The rest said they want significant changes. WebBuy is the change they demand.

Developed by Retailers for Retailers

As car retailers and proud owners of a Subaru store ourselves, we know how important it is to dial into the customers who will be looking at your inventory. Each store can personalize how the app works depending on the tastes and shopping preferences of your customer base.

Reserve Deposits & Pricing

You choose whether to require a deposit for customers to hold vehicles through a secure PayPal-powered portal. And you decide whether to offer a discount for using WebBuy, to offer only MSRP, or to offer an “internet price” of an amount of your choice. You also control F&I reserve/rate participation and product sale markup. WebBuy is the only solution in the market that not only understands retailer profit centers, but protects and grows them.

Custom Accessories

Customers have plenty of time to decide on vehicle accessories, while seeing a clear reflection in their total price or even a financing package. It’s like having your Parts & Accessories Department open and selling 24/7, and the retailer chooses all pricing inputs.

Custom Trade Appraisals

You understand what will sell (and what won’t) in your area. Unlike others, WebBuy offers customized (retailer-controlled) appraisal settings, so your trade-ins are valued more appropriately for your local market. And with our instant purchase offer, you can make digital offers for inventory acquisition.

CarValuator Moves Trade-In Process Online

WebBuy brings your current trade-in appraisal process online with its proprietary CarValuator feature. Your store gives customers a real offer that they can count on adding to their final purchase. Our legal checks and balances mean that the customer is responsible for providing accurate information on their trade-in, and retailers can confirm everything before the final paperwork is signed.

Because the customer actively participates in the evaluation process of their trade-in, acceptance rates are higher than non-integrated, third-party tools. Real-time appraisal details and updates are shown for full transparency. Even if a sale isn’t made, retailers can add trade-ins to their inventory.

Easy to Install, Exceptional Support

Our implementation team will help tailor the app to your needs, and you’ll also receive technical assistance on using your retailer dashboard for admin reports and analytics.

You’ll receive a retailer marketing toolbox with free web banners and ads, email marketing materials, and consumer-focused video for social sharing.

WebBuy is the answer to what your customers are asking for. Attract new buyers for your inventory on your website with our end-to-end digital retailing solution!

Four Ways to Complete the WebBuy Journey

1. Purchase Online

Customers can purchase their vehicle with cash at the end of the WebBuy process. It’s a hands-free way of purchasing the new or used vehicle they’ve fallen in love with through WebBuy.

2. Reserve Deposit & Lock In Offer

Customers can also choose to put a deposit down (at the retailer’s discretion), putting a “hold” on the vehicle. Once they visit the store, they can complete the purchase, pass on the vehicle and transfer that deposit to another, transfer the deposit to retailer goods or services, or receive a refund.

3. Print Purchase Order

Buyers can choose to not reserve the vehicle, but instead use WebBuy to complete advance paperwork that would otherwise take up hours at the store. They can come to the store later to finalize their purchase and you work the car deal as you always have.

4. Purchase in the Showroom

Finally, buyers can go through the entire buying experience in your showroom on their mobile device or a showroom iPad or laptop. Customers are able to take demos, ask questions and get help via WebBuy’s showroom mode at no additional charge.