Connect with shoppers, from anywhere

Edmunds CarCode connects you to shoppers via website chat, text, Facebook Messenger and Google Business Messages on a single, easy-to-use platform — from any device. It’s built for integration with other Edmunds products, giving you and customers a more streamlined experience. Upgrade to our managed services and our trained agents will respond quickly when you’re busy or away.

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Give customers a helpful and easy to use experience.

Multiple channels: Customers choose how they contact you, whether it’s through website chat, text, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages or phone call — all accessible with just a simple click.

Customer chat notifications: Customers stay engaged in website chat with visual indicators when they get a new message.

Persistent chat: A 72-hour cookie allows both customers and retailers to return to and continue a prior chat.


Easily access and manage all leads with a single user login to multiple stores/accounts.

Notifications: Get notified when a customer contacts you; choose a preferred method, whether it’s by email, text, desktop or through your CRM.

Lead routing: Leads are automatically routed to your CRM in plain text or ADF format.

In-depth tracking: Track the performance of each channel; see where your leads are actually coming from.

We also offer a fully-managed service staffed with experienced automotive agents based in the U.S. who are available 24/7, 365 days a year, after hours, as a safety net, or when you need them.


Integrated tools that make for easy conversations.

Live chat visibility: With website chat, see what shoppers are typing, check if a customer is still online and see if they’ve read your message; anticipate their message to give yourself time to respond.

Hotkey messaging: Save time by using hotkey shortcuts to type preloaded and customizable messages.

Text message outreach: Follow-up with customers by inviting them to begin a conversation through text messaging.


CarCode is integrated with Edmunds’ suite of products; it’s built for versatility, giving you and shoppers a cohesive experience.

Edmunds enhanced: CarCode works seamlessly with our other products; within the chat window, shoppers can get an appraisal through the Edmunds Trade-In Tool, browse and share inventory, and look up vehicle info.

Maximize conversions: Our messaging platform helps convert the leads you get through our ad-serving products, directing customers further down the purchase funnel.

Hot lead indicator: We record shopper browsing history on Edmunds; we’ll tell you if a customer is likely to close soon.