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Digital Retailing Overview

The Subaru Digital Tools Program has partnered with the most innovative and forward thinking digital retailing providers in the industry. Digital retailing helps increase consumer engagement, saves everyone time, and drives efficiency and sales in the process, making the buying process easier. Learn more or enroll in a certified digital retailing solution below.

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Certified Digital Retailing Providers – Agnostic of Certified Website Provider Enrollment

*Note: Subaru retailers can enroll in one of the solutions listed on this page, regardless of their certified website provider enrollment. Certified website providers may also offer a similar service for their enrolled retailers within this tool category. To review your website provider’s offerings, please visit their dedicated landing page.


AutoFi is a complete digital retailing commerce platform that provides the flexibility and control to fit your sales processes. If you are simply looking for an online buying solution for your customers, a solution for your website and your BDC or a complete solution for your website, BDC and in-store sales team AutoFi has you covered. We have solutions for every dealership situation, enabling you to transact with car buyers anywhere and anytime and our platform fits seamlessly into your branded experience!

Finance innovation is at the center of AutoFi’s commerce platform, delivering more credit applications than any other digital retailing platform. And we don’t stop there, customers that complete an application receive a firm offer of credit in less than 90 seconds. Our bi-directional relationships with 40+ banks and credit decisioning engines drive more funded deals than any other digital retailing platform. Deals are sent directly into your RouteOne or Dealertrack tool. Car buyers shop how they want and dealers receive enriched customer data leading to higher conversion rates.

AutoFi provides the customer buying and dealership selling experience that delivers higher engagement, better conversion and more profit per deal!

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CarNow's powerful Real-Time Retail platform is transforming the way dealerships engage with customers across the nation. Using our industry-leading dealer retailing system, deliver exceptional customer experiences, streamline operations, and increase revenue with the solutions needed to seamlessly manage the car-buying journey from beginning to end.

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Darwin Automotive

To be omni-channel you need the same F&I experience happening online. Darwin Automotive provides personalized retailing solutions that offers a consistent consumer experience at every touchpoint. With Darwin Online F&I remains a steadfast profit center that a retailer can continue to rely upon. Since consumers experience multiple touchpoints from online self-service, to over the phone, to in-store, Darwin has a solution for each. The consistent experience using patented prescriptive analytics are always providing accurate and personalized F&I product suggestions.

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Our fully featured Virtual Retailing and Messaging platforms provide real-time communication with consumers at each step of the buying process and help them easily pick up where they left off, in-store.

In minutes, car buyers can browse your inventory and filter by payment, get real-time lender offers, penny-perfect trade values, apply rebates, F&I packages, and submit a full credit application to your RouteOne or Dealertrack instance.

True digital retailing is here.

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At Roadster, our mission is to make the process of car buying and selling better for everyone involved. We do it by offering omnichannel commerce solutions for today’s modern store, which deliver the same seamless and streamlined shopping experience as customers switch between your site and your store. Roadster dramatically improves store customer satisfaction scores, while significantly reducing sales costs. From inventory merchandising, to financing/leasing, incentives, trade-ins, service plans and accessories - Roadster delivers near penny perfect deals in a beautifully designed interface that customers and employees will love.

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Upstart provides the best vehicle purchasing experience possible for customers and retailers. With our true end-to-end sales platform, customers can shop from home, on their phone, or right in the showroom. With Upstart, customers can complete portions of the process online and then pick up their progress in-store (or vice versa). Everything is synced in real-time so customers never enter any information twice and sales reps always have the most up to date information to better serve customers and close deals faster.

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