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Capture more customers on your website by offering trade-in evaluations through a certified trade-in tool, thereby generating increased leads sent directly to your CRM tool. Learn more or enroll in a certified trade-in solution below.

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*Note: Subaru retailers can enroll in one of the solutions listed on this page, regardless of their certified website provider enrollment. Certified website providers may also offer a similar service for their enrolled retailers within this tool category. To review your website provider’s offerings, please visit their dedicated landing page.


AccuTrade is one of the most powerful valuation and appraisal engines in the automotive industry. Unlock acquisition profitability with our accurate pricing built on vehicle history data, market data, and other issues you see on the vehicle.

AccuTrade seamlessly integrates with Dealer Inspire solutions, allowing you to future-proof your acquisition strategy by:

  • Enabling consumers to access the most accurate valuations through a simple, interactive user experience designed to reward condition disclosures.
  • Build trust with consumers by providing consistent and accurate valuations across the Dealer Inspire connected platform of chat and digital retailing solutions.
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Edmunds was founded in 1966 as an automotive pricing guide. We’ve since expanded our products to include the most innovative appraisal tool in the industry. The Edmunds Trade-In Tool is optimized for mobile, meaning it’s fast, accurate and easy to use. Our tool also carries the Edmunds name — backed by over 50 years of experience, it lets shoppers know they’ll get an appraisal value they can trust.

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Kelley Blue Book

Founded in 1926, Kelley Blue Book is the only vehicle valuation and information source trusted and relied upon by both consumers and the automotive industry. Our flexible LeadDriver trade-in tool integrates trusted Kelley Blue Book™ Trade-in Values directly into your retailer site. LeadDriver gives car shoppers the information they need, a Trade-In Value, while providing retailers a robust lead that includes data on the shopper’s trade-in and Vehicle of Interest as well as their contact information.

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Trade-In Valet

Trade-In Valet (TiV) is the only appraisal tool available that offers guaranteed pricing to the Consumer AND the Retailer, so that there is true transparency and trust. The TiV guarantee gives consumers the comfort they need to visit your store first. As a result, Retailers can expect a 200% lift in leads, an approximate 70% lift in appointments set, and a near 300% lift in leads that actually convert to a sale vs. other tools. TiV issues appraisals via live appraisers, not some dusty book value. If you need more sales, you need Trade-In Valet.

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TRADEPENDING, creators of Trade, harness real market data to answer car buyer’s #2 question: "What's my car worth". Through a simple and mobile-first website plugin, Trade is changing the way retailers and consumers approach trade-in values. With 3-5x more leads (i.e. conversations) than any other solution, integration with GA, FB, and individual campaign uses, Trade breathes life into old, stale pages and enhances the overall marketability of the store website. See for yourself what thousands of retailers are applauding and what consumers have been looking for, for decades!

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