Data-driven software. Customer-driven marketing.

Reach more audiences via digital campaigns unique to your Subaru store. With a full suite of data-driven digital marketing solutions, it’ll be easier than ever to speak directly to your audience. See how custom, targeted messaging shared through frequently used channels leads to a more personalized experience and stronger customer relationships.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive digital marketing strategy and execution within Google, Meta, YouTube
  • Full support in GA4 and post-click behavior analysis
  • Specialized landing pages and blog posts
  • Extensive organic keyword research
  • Quarterly technical and functional campaign audits
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Paid Search

Win customers actively searching for the products or services you offer with traditional paid search. Marry the intent of paid search and the visual appeal of dynamic social ads for high-converting Performance Max Vehicle Ads. And access numerous ad networks and creatives with objective-based Performance Max campaigns. Affinitiv Paid Search services are proven to be powerful when given a mission with assets that align with your goals.

Social Media

Beyond typical content marketing, Affinitiv Social Media Marketing features an intricate level of targeting through its paid social media ad campaigns. Put your brand front and center on multiple networks, such as Meta, TikTok, and LinkedIn.


Drive engagement and conversions by putting your store’s special offers and distinctive branding in front of the right users on multiple ad networks like Google, ESPN, and Amazon. With the powerful mix of custom creative plus expert targeting, Affinitiv Display and Retargeting ad services enable you to pinpoint potential customers who visited your site and left before taking action—and re-engage them with customized offers to give them the extra nudge they need.


On the most popular video and streaming platform, viewers globally watch an average of 1 billion+ hours of content on their TVs every day. Reach your ideal customers there with highly relevant Over-the-Top (OTT), Connected TV (CTV), and Online Video (OLV) ads. Targeted down to the ZIP code, as well as specific audience segments (i.e. auto intenders, sports enthusiasts, and more), Affinitiv OTT, CTV, and OLV services enable you to maximize your marketing efforts and eliminate wasted ad dollars.

Streaming Radio

Stand out from the clutter of traditional radio with Affinitiv Streaming Radio services. Highly targeted advertising strategies help ensure lower minimums and increased efficiency, so you can send more personalized content and leverage lighter spot loads than traditional radio at a more affordable price.

Local SEO

Take advantage of a smart, three-pronged strategy for increasing clicks and getting more consumers on your website with Affinitiv Local SEO services. On your behalf, we’ll:

  • Create, optimize, and manage blog and landing page content
  • Perform ongoing technical SEO audits and site health monitoring
  • Create, optimize, and manage your local business listings
  • And leverage the full support of Google Analytics to provide post-click behavior analysis, along with extensive organic keyword research and tracking

Audience Segmentation

Expand your reach with a proven audience growth strategy. The Audience Segmentation solutions—Market Activator, Site Activator, and Geo Activator—programmatically serve ads across the channels your customers consume daily.

  • Market Activator captures searched VINs and other detailed visitor information using cookieless methods
  • Site Activator identifies anonymous website shoppers using our Website Visitor Identification Technology
  • Geo Activator captures your competitors’ foot traffic and converts it to first-party data for ad-serving purposes