Put Cox Automotive data to work for you

First-Party Buying Data Targets Potential Customers.

In the fast approaching cookie-less world, use Cox Automotive proprietary data to build audiences on each buyer’s intent and predict the make with 90% accuracy and exact model with 55% accuracy that those evaluators lowest in the funnel will purchase in the next 30 days.

Provide Personalized Experiences and Predictive Insights

Use powerful intel to reach customers who are actively shopping or casually browsing. Target shoppers who have researched your inventory or similar vehicles within the past 90 days on Kelley Blue Book or Autotrader, where 2 out of 3 buyers start their shopping.

Deliver Strategic Campaigns.

Know the moments that matter for each customer with precise data that allows you to access the largest, most comprehensive, first-party automotive data available to promote your inventory and services to the places where your customers browse, shop, and look for service online.

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Cookies are going away

Cookies are going away, but not your ability to target consumers. Reach the right consumer with the right message at precisely the right time in their buying journey using exclusive insights from first-party consumer intelligence from Cox Automotive.

  • 69% of car buyers use Cox Automotive properties for research and shopping¹
  • Predict make of vehicle purchase with 70% accuracy²
  • Predict model of vehicle purchase with 61% accuracy²


Reconnect with consumers who have previously visited your website as they browse content across the web with more relevant and personalized ads.

Paid Search

As Google SMB Premier and Bing Elite SM partners, we’ll help you capture prime real estate on search engines with compelling ads bolstered by vAuto real market data or Xtime service pricing.

Social Advertising

Drive in-market shoppers to your retailer website from social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, along with popular media channels like the Waze navigation app.

Display Advertising

Reach in-market shoppers as they browse their favorite sites with rich creative featuring your most relevant vehicles and dealership services.

Facebook and YouTube Video

Bring your vehicles and dealership services to life while capturing local demand on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram using superior market data you can’t get anywhere else.

Connected Video

Promote awareness of your brand and your inventory by reaching shoppers at all stages of the buying journey who are watching connected TVs and over-the-top media.

Maximize your visibility

Benefit from a continuous flow of buying signals and data across the Cox Automotive portfolio. Future-proof your ability to target potential customers with accuracy and efficiency in the fast-approaching cookie-less world.

  • 3.8X More VDP Views³
  • 2.7X More Visits³
  • 3.5X More Leads³
  • 2.6X More Quality Visits³

Super-powered technology keeps you in the driver’s seat

Respond to ever-changing market forces with proprietary technology fueled by AI. Benefit from a continuous flow of buying signals across the Cox Automotive portfolio, including traffic to thousands of websites, behavioral data from Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader, pricing data from vAUTO; and customer data from VinSolutions, Xtime, and Dealertrack. Pivot quickly with real-time strategies that integrate the channels that work best for you in that moment.

¹69% of car buyers use Cox Automotive properties for research and shopping.

²VinSolutions Connect Automotive Intelligence Data predictions for 30 days prior to purchase from September 2022 – March 2023.

³Average performance of 391 dealers using paid search and retargeting channels vs. 133 using paid search, display, retargeting, Facebook, and Premium SEO. January – June 2023.