Foundation Direct

Reduce Waste And Improve Results By Building Your Digital Foundation.

Struggling to keep pace in the digital-first automotive retail world? We've got you covered. Our Digital Advertising platform and Business Intelligence suite tackles the challenges head-on, saving you time, boosting results across profit centers, and building a rock-solid foundation for future success.

We give you the data, the intelligence, and the competitive edge you need to thrive. Our targeted advertising technology across Paid Search, Video, and Social ensures your marketing dollars work harder to grow your market share. Imagine getting 20% more website visitors who are actually ready to buy, all for the same marketing budget, that's the power of Foundation Direct’s solution.

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Unmatched Expertise & Strategic Consultation

Our Leadership Team founded Google’s Automotive Retail Team and boasts 40+ years of digital marketing experience at Google. This unmatched expertise equips & empowers our team to deliver unparalleled strategic consultation & results.

Unrivaled Relevance With Inventory-Based Ads, Including Regional Offers & Price Across Paid Search, Video & Social

An elegant combination of technology, data, and expertise updates your Ad Creative, Keywords, and Targeting daily, ensuring that shoppers always see hyper-relevant ads that reflect your in-stock Inventory & current Pricing the two items auto shoppers care most about.

Total Transparency and Direct Access

Our flat-fee business model puts retailers in control, and focuses our teams on improving your outcomes.

Exclusive Insights That Increase ROI

Our tools - designed for retailers - bring clarity from complexity in a single user friendly interface. Stop wasting money and start increasing ROI by arming your people with real time insights at their fingertips to make better, data driven decisions in marketing and beyond.