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About Fox Dealer

Not Just a Pretty Face

All our digital advertising is conceived, built and monitored by real people. Our attention to detail and data means that we can push retailers to the top of search listings. We help dealerships define and surpass their sales goals.

Our philosophy here at Fox Dealer is to manage the yield. We use data-driven facts to make decisions and recommendations for our clients. Automation does have value, but we still assign each of our clients a human representative to go over recommendations. We don't leave decisions to adjust digital channels up to automation alone.

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Fanatical Customer Service

Best in class by design

We know that stellar customer service is the key difference between being a vendor and being a partner. Our team’s mission is to provide you with the best in class service that you deserve. Your dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist with any need relating to sales, customer support, or campaign management. From our curated launch of your services to ongoing training, we’ve got you covered.

List of Digital Advertising Services

  • Paid Search
  • Display
  • Retargeting
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Cross-Device Attribution
  • Mobile Fencing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Ads
  • Connected TV
  • Programmatic Audio

Media Campaign Managers

Technology + People = The Best Results

Fox insists on a concierge approach, with real people managing your campaigns rather than relying solely on an automated bidding system. Our director-level staff personally monitors and manages each retailer’s campaign on a day-to-day basis – with the goal of making your dealership more competitive and your spend more efficient. Your dedicated account manager ensures that changes are implemented quickly, and your advertising gets the hands-on attention it deserves. For us, it’s about transparency and providing you with custom campaigns that convert at the highest rate possible.

Google Paid Search, Google Premier Partner

Paid Search, Refined

We know it’s competitive out there. That’s why we use a data-driven approach mastered by actual humans that have a vested interest in making sure your campaigns perform at the lowest possible cost per click. No empty promises, only real results you can hold us accountable for. Fox Dealer uses a proprietary tool that blends Google Analytics and AdWords to provide automated recommendations on bid adjustments and optimizations (based on the KPI measurements above) and segments by geography. Our PPC team reviews these recommendations and implements them to ensure your campaigns deliver maximum value with actual customer contacts.

Mobile Advertising

Your vehicles in the palm of their hands.

Mobile ads are available on all devices and across all environments. Elevate your results by Geo-fencing areas, competing dealerships, or specific event locations. Geo-fenced data can pinpoint users precisely based on WiFi, cell tower signals, GPS coordinates, and mobile app activity. Hone your mobile targeting further with all of the data available in desktop campaigns.

Display & Retargeting Advertising

Customized display ads with a punch.

Showcase your best offers with geo-targeted offers proven to increase engagement rates with elite visual impact. Our in-house designers craft banners to match the personality of the site, highlight the vehicles you care most about and ensure the highest conversion.

About Social Media Ads

Let’s get social

Let Fox's social media experts craft a customized advertising plan to fit your business needs, utilizing the most effective tactic for your objectives. Want to acquire new customers? Need to sell more used cars? Retarget model specific visitors with a custom offer? We've got you covered. From Dynamic Inventory Lead Ads, Integrated Messenger Ads, Instagram Videos or product focused social, Fox delivers the right creative to the right audience, and ultimately, more sales and service customers to your door.

Fox Engage & Email Marketing

From the Inbox to Your Dealership Floor

Email marketing is an effective channel for customer acquisition. We analyze your market to determine your dealership's targeted shoppers. We then send relevant offers and incentives to those potential customers based on their shopping behavior on the website and with a follow up email. This is next-level direct marketing.

Video Advertising

Fox Dealer video campaigns are designed to enhance and expand your branding and conversion efforts across multiple video channels, including re-targeting, in-market and affinity audiences to maximize your reach and all creative built in-house to reduce your cost.