Don’t let lack of inventory roadblock your ability to sell.

Upstart Auto Retail’s Build & Price functionality for Subaru takes inventory challenges and turns them into opportunities. Customers are empowered to pre-build their perfect Subaru, while also making several additional build selections, all while being rewarded with the *estimated pricing associated for the build combination they’ve chosen.

Please note that enhancements to the Build and Price experience are currently underway. These updates will be announced as future versions of the tool are made available.

*Estimated cost is based on MSRP and delivery and does not include taxes, documentation fees, etc.

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Let Customers Build & Price Right From Your Website

Upstart Auto Retail and Subaru partnered together to bring customers a retailer website experience that continues to provide solutions to customers, regardless of inventory constraints.

Have Everything You Need to Take The Next Step

Nothing is more powerful than having everything you need up front to structure a deal, especially when a customer is ready to say “yes”. Every submission includes permanent customer information, vehicle selection, and build preferences. With Upstart’s Build & Price solution, you have everything you need to take the next step with your customers.

Ability to select from available optional packages

Within the build process, customers can select an optional package that is available with their choice of model/trim combination. The selected optional package will be highlighted in the overall deal summary to provide customers a clean and transparent experience.

Genuine Subaru Accessories Availability

After a customer selects their model, trim, interior and exterior colors, and optional package, they will have the option to select from the suite of available Genuine Subaru Accessories for their chosen model/trim combination. Chosen accessories will be added to the overall deal summary to provide customers a clean and transparent experience.

Continued updates and enhancements

As new models become available, Upstart is continually working to implement the necessary changes to provide customers with the most up-to-date vehicle offerings.

Additionally, Upstart’s retailer website-driven tool is continually evolving with the overall goal of providing a synonymous solution between its tool and the Build & Price experience.