Digital Retail Ready with Subaru Motor Finance

The AutoFi shopping experience is designed to exceed consumers’ expectations of a digital retail experience from start to finish. Our most powerful differentiator is the ability to offer a firm offer of credit from captive and non-captive lenders. When shoppers control their own buying journey and experience a seamless transition to the showroom, retailers benefit from more sales and happier customers.

AutoFi’s platform empowers retailers to ensure profitability by engaging easily with online shoppers and customizing all aspects of the deal. To continually prove the value of our solution, we provide easy-to-understand analytics that are updated in real-time. Additionally, our dedicated Retailer Success Managers visit your store regularly to educate on performance and best practices. Retailers consistently average 20% conversion rates with AutoFi.

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  • Give customers the feeling of control while ensuring deals are configured the way you want
  • Effortless, real-time lender decisioning
  • Trade-In integrations with Subaru Guaranteed Trade Program, Accu-trade, CarStory, KBB & more
  • Provide a custom look, feel & pricing of F&I products
  • Apply all available incentives, taxes & fees for a trustworthy payment estimation


38% of credit applications are submitted via AutoFi after-hours

  • Keep be-backs in the deal with Remote Offers
  • Actively engage prospects in Retailer Portal - a unified view of all of your shoppers that shows all of their online buying signals.
  • Streamline operations by using AutoFi on the showroom floor to pick up where your online shopper left off.
  • Enable more time for a delightful delivery with built-in pickup & delivery scheduling.


Maximize front & back PVR with AutoFi’s best-in-class features.

  • Present 100% of your F&I products, 100% of the time with F&I Plus.
  • Place every shopper in the purchase funnel with Quick Quote, an automated way of sending a remote deal via CRM.
  • Know your customer’s affordability earlier in the deal with the AutoFi Credit Estimator, which gives shoppers a soft-pull view of maximum payment and loan amounts.