Dealer Inspire

Cross-channel marketing strategy powered by unprecedented technology

Before we ever started building websites and technology, Dealer Inspire started out as a small team of former dealers and search marketing experts determined to maximize dealer ROI. To do that, we quickly realized we needed to create a connected strategy — from search to social, to display and video — all driving qualified traffic to advanced website technology that turns local shoppers into your customers. By deploying our fully connected strategy, dealers can guide the customer through each touchpoint in the car shopping journey — research, consideration, and decision — while limiting the ability for competitors to steal them away at any point.

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Dynamic Search Advertising

The core of our marketing strategy and technology was developed to maximize the impact of your ad budget by dynamically creating more helpful, detail-rich text ads based on your exact inventory, which then leverages keyword intent bidding to serve those ads to the shoppers most likely to buy soon.

Social & Video Advertising

Once a consumer is actively in the market, our unprecedented targeting technology will get in front of them across channels, so they discover your offers and unique, superior customer experience with stunning and memorable creative. Display

On 100% of shoppers are guaranteed to be in-market for a car, and as a Dealer Inspire customer you have exclusive access to display placements on you can’t get anywhere else.

Dynamic Remarketing

If we don’t convert the shopper the first time, we stay in front of them with personalized emails, dynamic inventory remarketing ads, and website experiences that adapt based on their specific shopping behavior.

Prizm Reporting

The performance of all your marketing channels will flow into one connected reporting solution across multiple rooftops, giving you top-level summaries, data deep dives, and proactive alerts for your entire digital strategy from one beautiful dashboard.