Trade-In Valet

Trade-In Valet is the only appraisal tool available that offers guaranteed pricing to the Consumer AND the Retailer, so that there is true transparency and trust. The Trade-In Valet guarantee gives consumers the comfort they need to visit your store first. As a result Retailers can expect a 200% lift in leads, an approximate 70% lift in appointments set, and a near 300% lift in leads that actually convert to a sale vs traditional tools. With the unique Trade-In Valet mobile app retailers can also expect to convert their phone-ups to qualified leads with the same increase in conversions to sales. Trade-In Valet does so much more than capture leads, it also includes custom scripts, sales closing tools and guaranteed buy-backs to help your staff close more often and more profitably (without risk of wholesale loss or losing deals because of the trade). Trade-In Valet was built by retailers, for retailers and is quickly becoming the tool of the most successful retailers nationwide. We aren’t the cheapest but we are the least expensive when you measure your ROI!!

Whether a lead is captured by phone, website, or the mobile app, TiV provides the retailer with the reliable multi-channel tools and support required to meet and exceed every customer’s needs throughout the appraisal and trade-in process.

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Desktop Trade Appraisal App

Provides customers with highly accurate, guaranteed trade values backed by the retailer. The four-step Trade-In Valet appraisal form is designed to be easily added as an iframe on the retailer’s website to strengthen customer engagement and maximize lead conversion.

Mobile/Tablet App

The only mobile app of its kind, this convenient tool is specially designed for use by sales reps, BDC staff, or any retailer staff member to seamlessly manage phone ups by converting basic appraisal inquiries into actionable leads. The mobile app contains exclusively crafted sales scripts for a variety of specialized situations (such as inbound calls and outbound prospecting calls) designed to convert callers into showroom visitors. In addition to providing customers with a simple, straightforward trade-in process without the need to visit the store, the TiV mobile app helps retailers capture an accurate phone number for every phone up. With the mobile app, requests for sight-unseen appraisals are always met with “I’d be happy to tell you what your vehicle is worth. I’ll text you a link to a quick and easy appraisal form. Fill that out and we’ll send you a guaranteed offer in writing.”

Retailer Bid Request Feature

For retailers not using TiV, deals can often fall through because the in-store appraiser isn’t familiar or comfortable with certain brands or specialty vehicles, resulting in low trade offers. With TiV, retailers easily consult our team of expert appraisers for our trade value on any vehicle. Using this information, retailers can confidently present a customer with a guaranteed trade offer on their vehicle, thus holding deals together that would have likely fallen through.

Closing Tool

This tool increases customer confidence in the retailer’s trade process, especially when a customer inaccurately describes their vehicle during their online appraisal, a common occurrence during customer appraisals. This makes it necessary for the retailer to adjust the appraisal offer based on the actual condition of the vehicle, which can cause customer confusion if not handled correctly. The Closing Tool generates a formal, printed report extensively detailing any changes resulting from the in-person appraisal. In addition to allaying customer concerns, the Closing Tool printout increases the salesperson’s confidence when faced with appraisal adjustments.

Guaranteed Buy-Back

TiV will buy back any vehicle the retailer does not want to add to their inventory for any reason, eliminating the risk of wholesale loss and frozen capital.

Automated Trigger Notifications

A series of highly personalized, coordinated sales communications, these automatic notifications can be triggered by certain events in the customer record, including purchase follow-up, owner birthday, and lease expiration. With TiV integration, customers will have the option to instantly find their vehicle’s value.

Ongoing In-Store Training and Support

To empower all users––including sales staff, management, and BDC personnel––and to fully leverage TiV’s many features to increase profitability, we conduct ongoing training and support for every retailer. Managers will gain full understanding of the depth of the product, how to use each element of the tool, and how to hold their staff accountable via reports and usage trackers. Sales and BDC personnel are fully trained on all TiV sales scripts and the TiV Mobile app. Plus, they’re given the skills needed to maximize organic lead generation and hold fellow staff members accountable for fully utilizing all aspects of TiV.